The French Charter for hosting circuses in towns

The Charter “Droit de Cité pour le Cirque” was signed in May, 2001 by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Association of French Mayors, the National Federation of Towns or Communes for Culture and several trade unions.

The Charter, has various objectives, which are

  • to encourage discussion between local authorities and the circus professions
  • to better inform professionals and services of the local authorities with regards to this sector
  • to respond to the public’s wishes by making today’s circus accessible to all

and, more specifically :

  • to improve the hosting conditions for circuses within towns
  • to open up new spaces for artistic companies and circus businesses
  • to cooperate in putting in place security norms and regulations
  • to initiate partnerships based on innovative projects in the field of artistic education, training and cultural action


The Charter, written according to the French environment and regulations, was translated into English in December, 2008 to enable discussions initiated during the Fresh Circus colloquium (organised by the Circostrada network and HorsLesMurs in September 2008) to be carried forward at European level.

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