Stradda in English

Stradda provides testimonies of artistic experiences originating from the street and circus arts, as well as from all other forms of art in the public space. Stradda released three specials issues in English, taking up articles from the French version, as well as publishing new ones.

Stradda in English#1

Rod Irvine

Circus and Street arts, contemporary creation in Europe

Special edition in English#1 – 2009

Dancing the space, coordinated by Alix de Morant [France]
Festivals in Europe: between distortions and challenges, by Yohann Floch
Beyond walls, sound, coordinated by François-Xavier Ruan
Re-performing the world’s childhood, by Bernard Kudlak (Cirque Plume) [France]
I Network, you Network…, by Anne Gonon and Yohann Floch
NoFit State Circus, popular UFO, by Naly Gérard [Great Britain]
Barcelona, the counterpoint, by Pascal Letellier [Spain]
Árpád Schilling from Budapest to Châlons, by Gwénola David [France, Hungary]
Overview of Scandinavian contemporary circus, by Tomi Purovaara [Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden]
Philippe Ménard, complete fusion, by Thomas Ferrand [France]
“(Ad)mirar a Francia”, by Pasqual Mas i Usó [France, Spain]

Stradda in English#2

Heli Sorjonen

Contemporary circus in Europe

Special edition in English#2 – 2011

Circus/dance. Bodies in fusion, by Rosita Boisseau, including two novel focuses on Kitt Johnson and Rudi Skotheim Jensen, by John Ellingsworth
What about circus? by Ivan Kralj
New magic, the emergence of a contemporary art, by Julie Bordenave
The circus and its insecurities, by Pierre Hivernat
Maksim Komaro, by Thomas Ferrand
Escarlata Circus, by Pasqual Mas
Jérôme Thomas, by Emmanuelle Dreyfus


Stradda in English#3

Britt Schilling

European focus [circus - experimental theatre - street arts - visual arts]

Special edition in English #3, April 2012

The third special edition include a dossier exploring the work of artists who search within the heart of the circus revelatory insights into the world (“Circus artists, inventors of new worlds”); an opinion piece by Anne-Marie Autissier, the grand testimony of Fresh Circus and specialist in European cultural policy; a critical spotlight on 7 shows selected for the French Institute’s Focus event on the circus; and the Oerol Festival at Terschelling (Netherlands), the “Prague Quadrennial”, Nikolaus, Pierrot Bidon, Dries Verhoeven…