Our missions

HorsLesMurs is the national information centre for street arts and circus arts. Founded in 1993 by the Ministry of Culture, it intervenes in the artistic sectors of street arts and contemporary circus, and more generally all artistic expressions “outside the walls” conceived for the public space. Beyond this, HorsLesMurs is interested in the connection between these specific contemporary artistic fields and important societal issues.

Its activities revolve around four work fields: grounding street and circus arts in the territories, supporting their internationalisation, co-constructing and federating information, stimulating and promoting knowledge. To do so, HorsLesMurs implements actions of networking, documentation, information, consulting, publishing and support to research, in France and on an international scale.

As a national information centre, HorsLesMurs holds a key position to identify new aesthetic trends and economic issues for street and circus arts. It plays a role of expertise and advice for organisations, artists, cultural professionals, local authorities, journalists, teachers, researchers, etc.

HorsLesMurs provides for its users a documentation centre and updates daily an information and contact database that you can access on the website www.rueetcirque.fr, gathering the documentary resources of key information partners.

The information centre has launched several thematic working programmes on professional issues such as the Politique de la ville, or the prospective in arts in public space (Objectif 2032). Publishing, training and meetings are the types of activities that are organised in these programmes.

Publishing is one of the information centre’s key missions. It publishes the Stradda magazine, the audiovisual collection Images de la création hors les murs, the collection memento and, from time to time, supports the publishing of key documents on circus and arts in public space. HorsLesMurs is a member of the publishing committee of Carnets de rue, at l’Entretemps.

HorsLesMurs has a strong international focus. It coordinates Circostrada, a network for professional exchanges that gathers around 60 professionals of circus and street arts, from 20 European countries. It is financed by the European Commission for its role as an information network, in particular concerning cultural policies.

After having coordinated L’Année des arts du cirque in 2001-2002, and carried out the general secretariat for the Temps des Arts de la rue from 2005 to 2007, in 2014 HorsLesMurs is entrusted with the general secretariat of the Mission Nationale des Arts et de la Culture dans l’Espace Public (MNACEP).